Viva Zapata

DATE : Jun 26, 2012

By Tess Young from

On July 7th 1993 the music world lost one of the most soulful and powerful female vocalist maybe ever. That singer was 27 year old Mia Zapata of the amazing but not so widely known punk band, The Gits. The Gits formed in 1986 while the members were all attending Antioch College in Ohio. Soon after meeting The Gits relocated to Seattle, WA. They resided in a place called “The Rat House” and many of grunges best bands rehearsed in the basement there. The band was on the verge of success and many of punks greatest such as Joan Jet and Nirvana had their eyes on them when the life of the beautiful Mia Zapata was cut short. Because Zapata died a random and violent death musicians in the punk/grunge scene decided to create a self defense program in her memory called HOME ALIVE and to raise funds for the program they released a tribute album entitled “HOME ALIVE, THE ART OF SELF DEFENSE” .  The album featured songs by Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Jim Carroll, Soundgarden and many more. Joan Jett was so touched by Zapatas story that she mad a tribute album to her entitled EVIL STIG ( the Gits backwards) using the surviving members of the Gits as her band. Joan Jett also helped to write a song with Kathleen Hannah of Bikini Kill entitled “Go Home” in tribute to Zapata. The story of the Gits is so amazing and inspirational and I would highly recommend looking further into the band. There was a feature film made about them entitled “The Gits Movie” and I have posted a few of my favorite songs by them below. “Viva Zapata” on