Art, Rock, & Revolution T-Shirts + Hoodies


Limited dark grey t-shirts and black zip hoodies both with the Art/Rock/Revolution logo on the back.


PRICE: $25.00 Shirts $45.00 Hoodies

Hoodie & Shirt Sizes

*All proceeds go to the Art, Rock, and Revolution project*

In a political environment of xenophobia and marginalization of transnational family systems and immigrants, Art, Rock & Revolution seeks to foster multicultural appreciation and understanding by creating an original work of historical fiction presented in the popular format of a graphic novel.  The graphic novel will be distributed for free to underserved Mexican and North American youth with an interactive curriculum for the classroom.

Two accomplished underground Artists bring their work to underserved youth in Oakland CA and Morelos Mexico to create enduring cross-border friendships with a graphic novel and curriculum about a punk band, Family and the hero of revolutionary Mexico.


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T-shirts done by MCL Screenworks.

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