Gits Fan page

Pics of Gits fans in their hoodies and tees

Mike Rucidlo
Elmwood Park NJ


Tiz at Mia’s resting place in Louisville


Vicky Bandit of Grim Dylan's Mia tattoo

Vicky Bandit of Grim Dylan’s Mia tattoo



Laura Jones and the natural splendor of Northern Minnesota.


John Bruce Jones and daughter Adrianna.

John Bruce Jones and daughter Adrianna.


John McKenna

John from Boston.


Tetsuya Kohama at Chion-in Temple Kyoto Japan


Gits fan spotted on the road


The Gits license plate


Bryce from Conneticut



Holly Ensley Grand Rapids MI


Courtenay Penick's VIVA ZAPATA tattoo

Courtenay Penick’s VIVA ZAPATA tattoo


Thom Moore from Arlington VA


Evadne Toki, Crockett California

Evadne Toki, Crockett CA


Mike from North Carolina

Mike from North Carolina



Gits fan spotted! Nice jacket!




Gits Fan Joyce T wearing her Gits hoodie


Dana Canale from New York (check out her Gits sticker and patch!)

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