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On THE GITS by the fans

Daniel Mello “The Gits are a big influence for me”

Não sou tão bom na escrita, mas acho que consegui mostrar o quanto The Gits significa para mim: Bom, tenho muito a agradecê-los. Por tudo, pelo grande impacto que suas músicas tiveram e têm na minha vida. Eu conheci pessoas interessantíssimas, descobri coisas sobre mim, sobre a vida, sobre outras pessoas, graças a vocês. The…

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Laura Jones “The Gits have been a good soundtrack”

….I recently moved back to Minnesota after nearly 20 years in Chicago, and was reunited with “Frenching the Bully” (always remembered the cover, but not the album name) along with old friends from the time period in which we all played and spent a lot of time sweating in loud, hot musical spaces. The Gits…

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“The Gits changed my life” by Jenny-Flannel Webb

I just wanted to say that my band opened up for The Gits Movie in Buffalo, New York a few years back. I don’t want to sound like a random fan girl or whatever. But back when I was 13 or 14 I was going through a rough time, and believe it or not I…

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Viva Zapata

On July 7th 1993 the music world lost one of the most soulful and powerful female vocalist maybe ever. That singer was 27 year old Mia Zapata of the amazing but not so widely known punk band, The Gits. The Gits formed in 1986 while the members were all attending Antioch College in Ohio. Soon after meeting The…

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