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cathy cathy wrote on December 21, 2013 at 2:26 pm:
This is hard for me to write.Mia Zapata was born the same year as I was and my daughter Jasmine Cherise Curiosity Armour and she were the same age when they were murdered.Mia Zapata was one of the people my daughter most admired,my daughter who hopped freight trains and wrote great songs that were always in her backpack and it disappeared when she was murdered in Buffalo,NY 2/10/2011 and all her books of poetry.I got her acoustic/electric mini-martin guitar and her dog back.The stupid cops threw her dog Sally in jail because she wouldn\'t leave her body.She is a very nice dog.She did not even bite the murderers for fuck\'s sake.I got her guitar back from these nice anarchist kids that liberated it from the crime scene of her house,they lived at the Bird House.People say bad stuff about them,but they gave me her guitar and helped me get her dog back alive.Anyway,Jasmine always had musical projects going on and sometimes on Halloween and New Years did the lead in a Gits cover band.Jasmine always wrote all the lyrics for any band she was in.She lived in Seattle for a while and called me one night very,very upset,from a bar and I can\'t remember the name,but it was the bar that she hung out at,every town worth a damn has a place like that,I used to work at one in DC called Back Alley when she was a little I guess she always felt at home in the place where people likeminded hung out,anyway,she started telling me about Mia Zapata,her role model,and how could a thing like that happen...and she drank too much when she was sad,and I am rambling on a keyboard but somehow I think somebody somewhere on the other end maybe understands.Jasmine\'s mom,Cathy ps,the 1st concert she ever went to was before she was 1 and it was the Dead Kennedys the real ones,WITH Jelloe4